Safety For Every Worker

Safety should not be optional in any work environment.


Premier quality safety shoes
and safety boots


Our safety shoes can be worn as a part of your everyday fashion.

It doesn’t matter if you are not an industrial worker.


Established Since 2005, Universe Safety Footwear, is among the fastest growing companies in the manufacturing and supplying of industrial safety boots.

Universe Safety Footwear has earned a great reputation on the supplier of premier quality safety shoes and safety boots for the toughest working environment.

Safety shoes provide protection in any circumstances

Safety shoes have emerged not only as a staple on construction sites and workshops, but is commonly seen on city streets.

We make high quality of safety shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year. Our safety shoes is suitable to wear in different place or occasion and this footwear is light and stylish, not only suitable to wear in workplace but also suitable to wear in other places.

Our Values

Qualified Materials

Our safety shoes are well made with safety specification that meets the standard. Our products are light weight, comfortable, high safety and durable.

Quality Control

We have an in-house testing laboratory to maintain high quality of our safety boots products. We are confident to continuously deliver the top quality safety shoes products to our customers.

Fast Shipping

We ensure timely delivery of our safety shoe products through a well organized marketing and transportation facility across the world.

What Our Clients Say

“I wear size 10-10.5 depending on the shoe manufacturer, when I considered ordering these shoes size 10 was a risk since I usually wear 10.5 in steel toed shoes. I ordered 11 since there were no half sizes and they fit perfect!. Very comfortable and lightweight.I'll give them another week and if they hold this good fit, I'll order another pair.”


“Love the fit and the color. Steel toed shoes are comfortable and easy to slip on. Highly recommended and would buy then again. Great price also. Perform as advertised.”


“Very good shoe but the only thing they need to fix is the tongue, I had to cut the part were is seamed together because 99% of the time would fold over and create pressure on top of my foot creating a weird sometimes lasting pain.
Tread is awesome, esp since im in attics and on truss all day.”

Joe SmytheCustomer

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