Construction Site

A construction site is always filled with safety hazard and unpredictable accidents.

From objects falling from a high distance to sharp metal shafts sticking out of the ground, no construction site is without its danger and risk.

This is why the use of the correct safety footwear reduces the risk of personnel getting injured when they are at a construction or industrial site.

One can lower the risk of having their feet pierced from any angle by a sharp object or breaking a foot due to a loose, falling brick.

Without question, the use of safety footwear is a must for every worker in a construction or industrial site out there – whether big or small.

Automotive Centers

There are constant unforeseeable dangers and hazards when it comes to feet safety in the automotive world.

Vehicles are always on the move and being repaired, heavy automotive spare parts are hoisted around, and tools, whether big or small, are everpresent on the floor of an automotive workshop.

This is why the correct safety footwear is essential in an automotive repair centre. It will tremendously lower the risk of foot injuries from happening.

The right safety footwear can save your feet from a dropping tool or vehicle part, and even a moving vehicle that might accidentally run over your foot.

With the right safety footwear, any damage or injury would surely be reduced.

Every automotive centre in the nation should ensure that their employees are well-equipped with the best safety footwear out there.


Engineers are constantly facing hazardous situations, especially when they are working in a lab or visiting a project site.

They would normally face conditions such as slippery surfaces, higher or lower than normal temperature surfaces, and even the movement of heavy tools and machinery.

A huge margin of the damage these scenarios could cause can be avoided with a good pair of safety footwear.

Safety footwear is essential in any part of an engineer’s day to day duty, no matter what their engineering field might be.

Chemical Industry

Working in a chemical plant requires you to be made of strong stuff. So does the material of your safety footwear.

Even in a safe lab, dropping a beaker of acid can destroy an ordinary pair of shoes, but not a well-made pair of safety footwear.

A pair of safety footwear for the chemical industry is designed to be penetration-proof, especially withstanding against harmful dust, liquid, and high temperature.

Oil & Gas Industry

Those working in the oil & gas industry is constantly in contact with danger and hazard.

They are engaged with heavy engineering processes such as drilling harmful-to-human substances and requires durable and protective safety footwear to help them avoid mishaps and hazards.

Regulatory framework and industry-standard safety footwear which is designed to focus on preventing and identifying exposure to hazard.

Mechanical Industry

In the mechanical industry, the main risks that workers face include getting wet feet, walking on an extremely slippery floor, and risk receiving impacts or compressions in the toe area.

The types of protection and requirement featured for the safety footwear in this industry should be being water-resistant in the upper area, protective toecap, puncture-resistant outsole, and extreme abrasion resistance.

These factors for enduring safety footwear should keep the workers from injury and to avoid any feet-related accidents from happening.

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