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Established in 2005, Universe Safety Shoes is among the fastest-growing companies in manufacturing and supplying industrial safety footwear.

Over the years, we have earned a great reputation as an industrial safety footwear supplier in Malaysia. Our safety shoes and boots are renowned for its premier quality, known for being extremely durable and exceptionally befitting for workers even in the toughest and roughest working environment. 

We are widely appreciated by our customers worldwide as a leading industrial safety footwear supplier. All our products are manufactured according to the highest industry standards, making us an industry-compliant industrial safety footwear supplier

There is nothing more important to us that being a leading industrial safety footwear supplier that is praised for our high-quality and lasting safety footwear that has kept countless workers’ feet safe around the world. 

Progress and innovation are important to us, as we strive to become a bigger industrial safety footwear supplier, we continuously push ourselves to progress in the industry by delivering high-quality based technology shoes made of the toughest material. 

We are able to deliver a wide range of safety footwear as an industrial safety footwear supplier. By delivering a variety of safety footwear for different needs as per international standards, we persistently challenge ourself.

Universe Safety Shoes will not stop until we becoming the world’s industrial safety footwear supplier pioneer. 

The Universe Safety Shoes Trademark

Safety For Every Worker

We believe that the safety of every working human being should be accessible. These include industrial safety footwear of the highest standard, made to withstand even in the most extreme condition.

At Universe Safety Shoes, we maintain the belief that safety should not be optional in any work environment.

Better Working Life

With our safety footwear, we want to be at the forefront of a safer world. By doing so, we help workers achieve their dreams and remain focused, fit, and energized during work.

Let Universe Safety Shoes help you improve your tough and gritty working life with our industrial safety footwear.

All About Comfort

Here at Universe Safety Shoes, we have spent years perfecting the craft of making comfortable, durable, and high-quality industrial safety footwear.

Our industrial safety footwear comes with pre-moulded EVA cushioned footbed which effectively reduces lower leg and foot fatigue during duty.

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